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Good morning to all of you, and welcome to a new blog.

Today I would like to try one of the most important supplements for me that I would take all year round and that is vitamin D

Vitamin D is essential for maintaining calcium levels in the blood and strong bones, but it is also key to cellular communication throughout the body, giving cells the necessary nutrient they need to communicate with each other.

I am going to list, for me, the main benefits that it brings us:

– Maintain proper bone health
– Have a strong immune system (to fight viruses and bacteria)
– Good for our cardiovascular health and nervous system
– A balanced and vital mental health
– Protection against cancer cells.


And it is that, although we do not believe it, many people have vitamin D deficiency, leading to problems, especially lack of energy, fatigue and chronic exhaustion, heart disease …

How can we receive vitamin D?

– One way that for me it is usual to do daily, is to supplement with vitamin D with an amount of 2000 IU approx. daily, since, in this way, I make sure to give my body a sufficient amount of it. But, we can obtain vitamin D naturally by doing something very simple, which is exposing ourselves to sunlight, something easy in places with good weather.

For example, expose ourselves to sunlight for a time of more or less 30 min; it will provide us around 10,000 iu of vitamin D

But not all people can do this, since not everyone lives in a place with exposure to constant sunlight, and they will not be able to lead this outdoor lifestyle, therefore, my recommendation is to supplement as I have said before, with vitamin D orally, or even take a session of UVA rays a week, since this will also provide us with vitamin D.

My conclusion is that we make the most of it whenever we can be away from home and the weather is good, be exposed to the sun for a while, since it has numerous benefits for us and our mental and internal health will benefit.