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Very good to all and welcome to a new blog in which we are going to put ourselves in the situation that many times we have, and that is, we cannot always be at home, carry out our routine and make all our meals as we should, since As social people that we are, we have commitments from work to leisure, and that is GREAT, we should never let our nutritional goals, being aesthetic or simply for health, prevent us from leading a normal life.

Simply what we have to do is adapt it so that we do not regress, and that is possible.

Next, I leave you a series of examples of situations that can be given to us, and advice to be able to lead our normal social or work life without any problem along with an adequate diet outside our usual environment.



This situation is the most typical of any person, the holidays arrive, be it summer or a holiday, and we decide to go with our family or friends for a week to the beach.


It’s time to visit our parents, siblings … or you have a friend’s birthday and of course, we shouldn’t expect that everyone around us has the same goals as us.


You have a partner, a client, or a co-worker with whom you have a lunch to discuss a work issue, and you are not going to go to lunch with the tuppers, or you can, if you want that person to run away.

I’ll start by talking about going on vacation away from home.

And of course, a whole week is not the same as one or two days, and if we do not have control of what we eat, we could spoil all the work that we have been doing with a lot of effort.

I’m not saying that you put a food scale in your suitcase, for me, vacation is also synonymous with clearing the mind, but with a control.

The first advice that I can give you without a doubt that for me is a total advance is to be able to rent an air bnb wherever you go, since you will have a kitchen and simply by making a purchase in the supermarket of the place where you go, you will be more than covered, not even for you to buy your diet list, just healthy and fresh foods that allow you to eat a balanced diet without being too strict, and you can also share them with people who go on vacation.

Another common situation is, if in the end you go with your partner or friends and decide to go to a hotel because you want to forget about cooking, something totally logical, since it is a vacation and you simply want to focus on enjoying yourself, THERE IS NO PROBLEM.

Today, in any hotel or restaurant, you have thousands of healthy and fresh options, for example, in coastal places, there will always be a fish of the day option that is perfect for me.

A tip, for me, VERY TOP, and that you can apply in any of the examples exposed, and that for me above all is key at the mental level, is to reduce food intakes to 3 (BREAKFAST, LUNCH AND DINNER) a day, or days that these situations arise.

Why am I telling you this?

Easy, although we have been doing 4, 5 or 6 meals a day, the size of these is usually reduced, while the portions in restaurants are usually larger, therefore, reducing the number of meals will allow you to eat more in Each of them, for example, you are going to eat at a restaurant, and your friends decide to order starters, main and dessert, WITHOUT PROBLEM.

A starter for my TOP is a good salad or grilled vegetables, a main, baked fish or meat, with its accompaniment of, perhaps, baked potatoes or rice, and fruit for dessert, and this leads me to the next tip .


It is very common for people to ask for dessert in restaurants, but we will not be the spoilers of not ordering anything and seeing how everyone eats, and you cry, or you die of anxiety, or worse, you can’t wait and you ask for a cake of chocolate.

The best dessert option is fruit, since it is sweet, low in calories, healthy, and also very satisfying, leaving us with zero anxiety as they have a high glucose content.

For me, the best fruit option, without a doubt, is watermelon or pineapple, they have a lot of water and fiber, which will make you feel very satisfied, also removing THAT THEY ARE VERY GOOD, especially in very cool summer.

I HOPE YOU LIKE THIS BLOG GUYS, and it helps you to apply it in your life. A big hug