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Good morning everyone and welcome to a new blog, in which we will talk about sports supplementation, which ones I recommend and which ones I use.

First of all, this is a blog in which I mention, what are the supplements, that I USE AND RECOMMEND, obviously there are many more, but taking one or the other depends first, on the person and their characteristics and requirements, and second I am not saying that the others that I do not mention do not work, but that I consider that they are more optional, and that I would not spend the money on them if it were up to me.

In order not to get too involved, I will start directly with what are the different approaches that can be taken to choose one or another supplement.


Within the Performance, I will start with the one that for me is basic, that even more than a supplement, it is the perfect food for us, which is WHEY PROTEIN.

Whey protein helps us through a simple shake, including a large amount of quality protein, and few carbohydrates and fats.

We can find whey or concentrated protein, which is the basic one, and that I recommend to most people who are starting out and cannot spend a lot of money either.

Then we find the isolated protein (ISO) whose difference compared to the other is that it is more filtered, so its amount of hydrates and fats is practically zero. This option is more expensive than the previous one.

We also find casein, which is a type of protein with slow assimilation, perfect for times when we want to maintain a much longer digestion, such as at night when we go to bed.

Finally, for the most demanding, we find hydrolyzed protein, whose protein quality, being excellent due to its high amino acid content, makes its assimilation so fast, it is perfect for our muscles and body. (ALSO THE MOST EXPENSIVE OPTION)


I should mention that we also found great options for vegans like pea protein with rice.

For me, protein supplementation is highly recommended, since it will help us to reach our daily protein requirement more easily, and its quality is very good.

Which one to choose from among all of them, as I said before, if you are a person who does not mind including within each whey protein intake, a little carbohydrates and fats, which involuntarily slip into the cheese production process, I would buy the concentrated protein or whey, but, if you want to go to the next level, or have much stricter goals, and you can afford it economically, an ISO protein or even a hydrolyzed one are perfect.

If it were up to me, I would have no problem always buying whey, as I did all my life until a supplement brand began to sponsor me, and I switched to ISO simply to take advantage of the sponsorship, but I already tell you that the quality jump either it’s a barbarity.

We move on to the second supplement within performance, which is CREATINE.

Creatine is an amino acid, which helps to regenerate ATP (which is the energy source used during high intensity efforts, lifting …) we find different types of creatine, but I recommend the monohydrate form.

Regarding the dose, I like to use the formula of 0.1gr per kilo of body weight, that is, if a person weighs 50kg, 5gr of creatine, and if another weighs 80kg, 8gr of creatine.

I, it is a supplement, that I use continuously, since it is one of the few that has been studied and its effects are contrasted in athletes of any sports discipline.

Years ago, the myth that creatine produced water retention ran, this being false, since what creatine produces is muscle hydration, intra-cellularly.

We now enter the supplements focused on HEALTH.

To recommend supplements here, we must always take into account the person and their case.

Each person may have a different deficit of some vitamin or mineral or nutrient, or for others, it may be useful to use a certain antioxidant at some point when they need it.

EXAMPLES: omega 3,6 and 9, N-acetyl cysteine, alpha lipoic acid, vitamin C, zinc, magnesium …

To do this, the best thing is to do tests on a regular basis, to control this type of thing, and eat a balanced diet, rich in everything mentioned above.

But, a supplement that I take, constantly, and that nobody is going to hurt, is a multivitamin supplement with a broad spectrum in terms of vitamins and minerals.

Today I also include a vitamin D3 supplement, along with vitamin K2, for a better absorption of the former, since, in winter, there is usually a deficiency of this vitamin, due to lack of sunlight, and this is very beneficial, especially in our humor and vitality.

As for the doses to take of these supplements, I always recommend, avoiding exceptions, the dose that your doctor recommends, or what comes in the containers.

Finally, we find supplements focused on improving rest and eliminating stress.

To know what to choose here, we will have to take into account, how is our sleep quality, how we face our day to day in terms of work, errands …

Nowadays an adaptogen is very fashionable, with a lot of science behind it that supports it to combat stress, which is called ASHWAGANDHA.

Its function is based on managing stress levels.

As for the dose, the same as I said before, what I put in the bottle is fine.

I have tried it, and in my opinion, I did not notice much for not saying anything, but I have to mention it, because if I have talked to other people, they take it, and it works a lot for them.

I also mention MAGNESIUM, which is a mineral, which in this case, acts as a muscle relaxant, and it will be great to rest after very demanding workouts. If I usually take magnesium at some times in the form of ZMA, which also includes Zinc and vitamin B6

Then we found a supplement, which I have also taken, and I have noticed, in times when my sleep was of quite poor quality, and it helped me to improve it a lot, that of MELATONIN.

Melatonin, also known as “the hormone of the night”, is a natural hormone secreted by the body, to fulfill different functions, including helping us sleep and rest.

It should be said that, IT IS NOT A SEDANT, not by taking more, you will fall asleep before, therefore, the dose is always the one recommended on the container or the one recommended by your doctor.


Basically this is my set of basic supplements for each approach that we come across, of course there are more and of course they will also be useful, but, for me, they are not generally dispensable.

Greetings to all guys and see you on the next blog.