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Very good to everyone and welcome to a new blog in which, I will teach you how I manage the days, that I do not train and I organize myself not to have a job either.

The first thing we have to keep in mind is that THIS IS NECESSARY.

And I’m going to give you the two main reasons why this is necessary.

– The first is to give our body rest in a physical way, since, if we train with a minimum intensity, we will need to give our body a rest in order to rebuild those muscle fibers that we have broken and to allow it to rebuild and achieve best of all, THAT OUR MUSCLES GROW.


– The second is at the mental level, since, on the rest day, we will not have a fatigue in the central nervous system, allowing the brain to relax, and we will release endorphins that will make us feel with a high level of well-being and rest.


Having these concepts clear, we enter into how I take my day off in Ibiza, and which ones with the best plans that I advise you to do here.

One of the ways I love to take the day off is with an ACTIVE break.

What does it mean to have an active rest?

This day I take the opportunity to take more steps than normal (LISS cardio), go to the beach, see new places, socialize with my friends …
With this, I still get my body moving and also give quality to my day.

Another way in which I like to take the day off is to take advantage of it to make my free meal, and yes, together what are two perfect plans for me, socialize at a table in a restaurant that I like, which here in Ibiza there are many TOP food that I try every week.

By doing this, I get to have my mental health charged to 100% and it gives me energy to start the next days to the fullest.

Combining these two tips that I give you to take the day off as I do here, we see that, as that same day I take the opportunity to make free food, and not also I do not train in the gym, I take advantage of and use those extra calories that we introduce, to make the most of the day, and discover new places, restaurants, beaches, sunbathe and, in conclusion, have an active body.

As the last piece of information that I want to leave you, is that we forget a little to think about the body, and think a little about our head, our mental health that sometimes we do not give it the importance it deserves, and this day we organize it in such a way that be enjoyment for ourselves.

What I always try to do is balance these days so that I don’t have to work in any training or consulting with a client and spend time with ourselves and the people we love.


Well guys, so far this week’s blog, and if you are in Ibiza and want recommendations of the best places to enjoy a perfect day here, do not hesitate to contact me.

A hug!